Community Guidelines

v1.0 — 26/10/2020


Safety — We are all on the same team and we’re going to protect each other.
Compassion — We are all on the same team and we’re going to support each other.
Friendship — We are all on the same team and we’re going to have fun together.

Code of Conduct

1. The magic words are “please stop”. If someone asks you to drop a subject, please stop. This is a safety tool to deescalate any difficult conversations. Mocking or belittling this safety tool or anyone who uses it will not be tolerated.

2. Do not promote racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, ageism or religious discrimination. When discussing any of these subjects, speak carefully.

3. Do not harass anybody. We have zero tolerance for harassment. Anyone asked to cease harassing behaviour is expected to do so immediately. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive comments and actions related to gender, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, disability, ethnicity, nationality, and religion. It also includes deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography, DOXing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

4. Swearing is mostly OK, but slurs are never OK. Although swearing is OK, excessive swearing could cross the line. In general, if you wouldn’t say it at work, don’t say it here. Specifically, do not use these words:

  • N-word racist slur

  • F-word homophobic slur

  • T-word transphobic slur

  • R-word ableist slur

  • The C-bomb

5. Do not share pornography, gore or NSFW content. There is a place for these things, but this ain’t it. The rating for this community is PG.

6. Be careful with edgy jokes. Black humour doesn’t always translate in a public space. Any joke alluding to anything that would violate Rule Two or Rule Three would be too edgy.

7. Do not share or promote pirated content. I’m not trying to get sued out here.

8. Do not brigade or attack any other community or content creator. This community exists in a larger network of RPGtubers and content creators — an ecosystem the channel is dependent on. Please be kind and consider our own guidelines when interacting with other communities so we can build our reputation as the safest, most compassionate group of friendly nerds in the whole RPG-verse.

Suspensions, bans and warnings

A suspension means your account is temporarily blacklisted on a single platform. Length of suspension is at the moderators’ discretion.

A ban means your account is permanently blacklisted across every platform. This is not an escalating system — bans can be issued without suspensions.

Warnings provide opportunities to correct behaviour without further punishment. However, warnings are not guaranteed.

Guidelines for community D&D games

1. Open Table Policy. This means that if you need to leave the table for any reason, feel you are unable to continue the game, you are free to do so by letting the DM know. No further explanation is required.

2. X-Card Policy. The X-card is a player safety tool that allows a player to indicate when they are uncomfortable with something about their experience during the game, or outside of the game in respects to the game setting. You can put forward the X-Card verbally in the voice channel, via text in the text channel, or via private message to the Dungeon Master. Once the X-card is put forward, the offending activity, subject matter, or course of action must be stopped and the DM should then move the game forward to skip that topic. Please respect the player’s right to invoke the X-card. If the player wishes to, they may or may not choose to elaborate, which is also acceptable and no further explanation is needed.

3. No-Show Policy. If you fail to show up to games without notifying your DM, your ability to sign up to future games may be limited.

4. No Drugs or Alcohol Policy. To ensure games are productive, drugs and alcohol are not permitted during sessions. You must be sober to participate.

5. Technology Policy. You must meet the following standards to play: – Wear headphones – Play in a private space, with nobody talking in the background – Have a stable internet connection – Webcams are preferred but optional – Dedicated microphones are preferred but optional

6. Privacy Policy. These community games are not recorded or broadcast. Do not record or broadcast anything without unanimous written permission from all participants.

7. The Dungeon Master enforces these rules and policies. When in violation of our community code of conduct or engaging in disruptive behaviour during a session, the Dungeon Master may warn or expel you from the session at their own discretion. If you are asked to leave a session, your ability to sign up to future games may be limited.