A new website and reworked Patreon!

The new website

After months of work, I’m proud to show you this rad website! Here’s the best bits.

For Patrons, this website lets you sort, search, and preview all the PDFs on the store page. When you click the “subscribe” button on any of these store pages, it just takes you to the corresponding post on Patreon, which you already have access to.

If you want to see my latest video or check whether I’m streaming, check out the front page. The featured video is always my most recent release, but if I go live on twitch, this website automatically changes to feature the livestream instead.

And I’ve also migrated my blog! You’re reading it right now — pretty cool!

Please provide feedback! If you have a suggestion for the site or if you find a bug, visit the #website-feedback channel on Discord. I’ll pin a comment with a list of all the known issues.

And full credit: This website was made by Tracey, Puck and Isaac from puckjay.com.au.

Changes to Patreon

Patrons can now sign up for a 12-month membership to receive an 8% discount. This would bill you for the entire year all at once, but you get a month free — you’ll have to use your imagination to work out which month is the free month though.

Rather than being billed on the 1st of the month, new patrons are billed on their monthly-version-of-an-anniversary. Which is apparently called a mensiversary. This only affects newer patrons.

The middle tier’s price has increased to US$6.00 for new patrons. If you were already a Patron, this will not affect you and you will stay on at your US$5.00 price for as long as you’re subscribed. The reason for this change is to compensate my writers better with a pay-bump. I don’t expect this to change again for the next two years at least.

If you leave a comment on Patreon, I’ll feature it on this site as a product testimonial. When you see a PDF you like, please leave a short review in the comment section!