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Don’t face the dragon alone!

You want a mushroom dude on your team? A pack of kobolds? A dragon!? I’ve got you covered. NPCs are key to most elements of the story in Dragons of Stormwreck Isle and, as an introductory adventure, its players are often newcomers. The Battle Companion system is my tool to keep the players interacting with the relevant personalities rather than ignoring them, or worse, whacking them like loot piñatas. Here are Battle Companion conversions for every possible ally (and some enemies) from DOSI.


  • An explanations of the Battle Companions system’s core rules
  • Examples of 8 kinds of Battle Companion features which easily map onto the Starter Set (Botanical Toxin, Cloud of Chaos, Evasive Cloud, Hey Get Serious, Pilfered Projects, Repulsing Force, Shock Line and Tinker’s Toy)
  • Player handouts for each Battle Companions feature
  • Colour and print-friendly versions

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