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Stop! Thief!

Relive the adrenaline that James Bond experienced in the opening chase scene of Casino Royale, the parkour-fuelled District 13, or any chaotic predicament that Jackie Chan found himself in. When a chase scene breaks out it should be a thrilling and cinematic affair. Each frantic attempt to avoid an obstacle leads you either one step closer to escaping, catching your prey, or crashing and burning spectacularly.


  • These rules are designed with the players in mind as pursuers, with NPCs as the quarry
  • In these rules, you will find:
    • position and distance between participants are greatly abstracted
    • costly actions encourage you to sacrifice for your team
    • your movement speed is relevant to your success
    • scenery-defining obstacles provide a structure of skill challenges for quick encounter resolutions
  • Three handouts:
    • A chase tracker which acts as a map for the chase
    • A player handout explaining the rules
    • Cards to display each pursuers speed relative to the quarry

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