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The King Star approaches…

This 4-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the leader of Dragon Abbey on the Isle of Storms. Learn about her past as a warlock of draconic ancestry, and roleplay her philosophy of non-aggression consistently at the table.


With hair spun silver, Runa’s presence far outreaches her stature. She’s old and weathered, dresses plainly in simple robes, and leans on a walking stick, but her eyes shine with the wits of a woman decades her junior. Her face, marked with smile lines and bedecked with spectacles, softens to whomever she speaks. Her voice, gravelled with age, is quiet, but carries the weight of her confidence and surety in every word.

I came to this island a warlock of my mentor Lord Astral, and remained here shed of my magic to give soul-healing to all who sought my aid. This thing that we built – I’m proud of it. We have helped many. But my mentor’s son barrels straight into trouble and heeds not our ways, while the dragon Shatterspark steers us all to another bloody conflict. We must protect Lord Astral’s legacy of peace.

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