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The kid saw something important…

This 7-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the precocious helper in Bart’s Tavern. Learn about the mysterious stranger she saw on the rooftops, and melt your players’ cold, murderhobo hearts with handouts of this child’s super cute drawings.


Molly’s eyes are big, round, and curious, still carrying the bright spark of youth despite the rusted-out surroundings of the town. Though still a child, she walks with dogged purpose everywhere in her plain and hand-darned dress and apron, carrying this or that, running between the storeroom and kitchen. When she greets you, taking a rare break, she doodles on what looks like scavenged produce wrappings with charcoal while she talks your ear off.

Hi, I’m Molly. My mama and papa moved in to town to do pra… prospi… mining, which means they dig for money. Papa ain’t here no more, but I’m looking after mama just fine ‘cause Bart hired me to help him ‘round the inn. Mama mostly stays at home and sews, but I know the town better than anyone, ever. Lotsa kooky stuff happens around here no one bats a eye at. Anyhow, whatcha need?

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