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Doing wrong for the greater good…

This 5-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the hard, pragmatic leader of the Red Boys. Learn about his contempt for his knightly brother’s philosophy, discover the origin of his magical, glass-wrought staff, and challenge your players’ sense of right and wrong with this utilitarian wizard’s worldview and methods.


Shatter Staff is a well-groomed man with graying hair, who always seems to be looking down his nose at whomever he is speaking to. His robes are ornate, with reflective buttons, a constellation pattern inlay, and hemmed with a deep velvet trim. He always carries a scepter of spiraled glass, with a smoky-translucent handle and a mirrored orb that sits atop it. Looking at the orb for too long creates a sense of introspection. He tries to hide it, but every so often, he uses the staff subtly as a cane.

In a world of chaos, I’m a self-made man who strives to impose order; through knowledge and might. I grew up with my younger brother in the city, grabbing at every scrap to keep the both of us afloat. We went on an adventure, the two of us, and serendipitously, I acquired this staff of great power. Alas, Slidar and I walk different paths — while he chased political power in the civic domain, I honed the art of true diplomacy abroad, and now I seek to use my knowledge to make this town a more ordered society.

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