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All she wants is the twinkle in your eye…

This 3-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the spectral healer haunting a cabin in the woods. Learn about her pact with an extraplanar leech, blacker than the sky and coated in stars. Resist her pleas for a human sacrifice — a healer from town to take her place. Quiver before her anger at an ancient betrayal, her long-fled mentor who doomed her to face this fate alone.


Seeing Agnes makes you feel as if you’ve accidentally walked into the wrong room, like you’ve wandered onto a stage where something is expected of you, but you’re not sure what. She is ghostly, translucent, pulsing with a slow blue light, floating as if underwater.

Art thou unwell? Have you come to me for healing? My touch is colder than it was in life, but nevertheless, you stand in a village saved by my healing hands and Cagastris’ blessing, before it was ruined by Lorasys’ cowardice. Or do you come to pry at my secrets and pester me with questions? Be warned: my knowledge comes at a price.

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