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You’ve wandered into her hunting ground…

This 3-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the harpy nested high atop the shipwreck’s mast. Contend with her instincts to weigh your worth in the meat you carry. Learn of her artistry and songcraft, fierce like the sunset and beautiful like the sunset. Revel in the almost-too-obsessive love she displays for her mate, the Crooning Claw.


The Singing Maw is a cruel-taloned Harpy, dressed in a hodgepodge of ripped sailors’ outfits. Her wings and feathers are as fair as a seabird’s, giving her the look of a particularly vicious, giant seagull. Her unblinking eyes are as calculating as they are intense, and when she sizes people up, she cocks her head from side-to-side as though weighing their worth in meat.

This island was good for a very long time! Together with my mate, the Crooning Claw, my beautiful wonderful mate, we would go to the spyglass-place and see the storms. We would hunt and feast as the ships met the sea-depths, shape our songs from the tragedy and lure the hearts of men. Then everything fell apart when that horrible dragon chick arrived and it just keeps getting worse.

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