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Only the wicked heart is unburdened by its violent past…

This 3-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the one-legged librarian of Dragon Abbey. Be quick to fall in line her disciplined expectations of heroes and soldiers alike. Learn the TRUE story of how she lost her leg. Open yourself to the compassion she holds for kobolds in her community, whom she protects and worries for.


Veroth’s scars are clear to see, with an eyepatch prominently ensconced in gnarled flesh. She walks on a prosthetic leg and her shoulders almost never relax. When she rolls up her sleeves, the muscle from her years of mercenary work is still evident. Her robe is decorated with accessories, though, and when asked she can smile fondly and put a name to each kobold that gifted it to her.

Born without a leg, lost an eye along the way. I lost something else, too, when I led my mercenary band to riches without a care as to who we hurt and why. I’m here in search of that, and even if I don’t find it, I will have done something for the people here who have given me the chance.

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