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Goblins are fun! But these green boys lose their charm by the tenth encounter. We get it: hit and run, duck and hide; yawn! So this document is my attempt to spice ‘em up, but keep them in the newbie-friendly encounter zone. These goblins will rain down a hail of arrows upon you, fire eyebeams of concentrated force right through your favourite NPCs, and surprise you in twenty different ways, with twenty different variants.

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  • An alternate statblock for goblins which have superior use of cover rules, rather than just hitting and hiding
  • Ten options for martial goblin variants
    • Flippy Goblin
    • Charred Goblin
    • Poisoner Goblin
    • Boom Boom Goblin
    • Deadeye Goblin
    • Spelunking Goblin
    • Jeering Goblin
    • Slimy Goblin
    • Filthy Goblin
    • Hustler Goblin
  • Ten options for psionic goblin variants
    • Blaster Goblin
    • Timey-Wimey Goblin
    • Buffed Goblin
    • Duplicator Goblin
    • Phantom Goblin
    • Wormhole Goblin
    • Shielded Goblin
    • Telekinetic Goblin
    • Mind-Reader Goblin
    • Big Brain Goblin

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