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The townmaster has a secret…

This 5-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the townmaster in the Lost Mines of Phandelver. Learn about his shady past, and roleplay his motivations consistently at the table.


The cravat below Harold’s chins has the opposite of its intended effect, somehow diminishing his gravitas. He fans himself with a handful of important-looking papers, struggling in the heat. Behind him are framed, decades-old scholastic awards and a small statue of a key with an inscribed dedication, but the name of its recipient has been crudely scratched off. When Harold greets you, he fills the room with his personality, leaving you little room to breathe.

Who sent you!? The Temple? Lady Faulteroy? The Takers?!? No? Well… never mind any of that, just rehearsing lines for a play… My name is Harold Lesley Morgan Harrigold Whistler The 1st, rightfully elected Mayor of this bustling borough, a rare safe haven in these troubled times, but you can call me Milord or Mister Whistler. But of course you’ve heard of me; I’ve accomplished enough notable feats to fill three lifetimes. But speaking of notable feats, you look like adventuring folk, so you must be here about the bounty, correct?

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