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Reality may prove muddier than our ideals…

This 5-page Q&A is your lifeline to roleplaying the aging knight on the frontier. Learn about the terrible ambush that led to his friend Gunthren’s abduction, unpack his complicated relationship with his missing brother, and wonder at the heroic deeds and noble outlook that are the building blocks to this friendly knight’s career.


Slidar and his armour both look a little past their prime, smile lines and other wrinkles deeply writ into his face. He has wisps of thinning greyed hair, a well-trimmed moustache, and the sort of warm eyes and expression that put people at ease. He stands remarkably straight-backed for his age. He has the broad shoulders of an athlete.

I was born in squalor, and so every day I work to keep others from suffering. I’ve worked decades for my city. Reality may always prove muddier than our ideals, but I believe a group of people with a shared goal to do good can make a difference. I’m a scholar of history, and once a deft hand at the blade, though those days are behind me. Have you seen my brother, Alarno? I followed my old friend Gunthren here in hopes of finding him. I’m worried he’s gotten in over his head.

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